Five Stages of Grief

After a long hiatus, Five Stages of Grief is back in the world! You can pick up your copy here. And you can read my interview with Book Country–about pseudonyms, writing communities, and erotica–here.



Heart of Glass, Slate, Goodreads

A new Heart of Glass is up at Fleshbot. This week’s topic: opening up lines of communication about desire. Link NSFW, of course.

Amanda Hess talks Fifty Shades of Grey, Fleshbot Fiction, and the future of erotica with Lux Alptraum over at Slate.

Five Stages of Grief has its first review at Goodreads! Romance author Iris Blaire calls it “angsty and hotter than hell.” If you’ve read FSOG, please consider reviewing it at Smashwords and/or Goodreads.

Pennsylvania, Unbound, Heart of Glass

Erotica_FiveStages An excerpt from Five Stages of Grief was the featured Friday Erotica at Unbound. I especially love the graphic!

Another microerotica from the Five Stages of Grief universe is up at Fleshbot: “Pennsylvania.”

Lastly: more advice from Heart of Glass! Charlie wants to know how to turn a one-night stand into a two-night stand without seeming desperate. What should Charlie do? Find out.

Heart of Glass, Ohio, Salon

The first installment of Heart of Glass, my sex advice column, debuted at Fleshbot this week. Ever wonder when is the right time to reveal a kink to a new lover? Find out.

Secondly, Fleshbot is running a series of shorts that I wrote that are within the Five Stages of Grief universe. (They take place between Part 1 and Part 2 of the novella.) The first one, “Ohio,” is up now.

Lastly! A profile of Fleshbot Fiction is the top story at Salon right now (“This Isn’t ‘Mommy Porn,'” March 16th).

(If you’re here because of the Salon profile, welcome! Interested in reading Five Stages of Grief? Get a copy here.)

Five Stages of Grief

Five Stages of Grief CoverMy erotic novella, Five Stages of Grief, is now available for purchase with the launch of Fleshbot Fiction, Fleshbot’s new e-book imprint.

You can read an excerpt here and buy the book here in any e-reader format your heart desires. Also, look at this gorgeous cover with Jiz Lee and Justine Joli on it! (Thanks, Ellen Stagg, for the gorgeous photo.)

Fleshbot Fiction is already getting some great press: women’s erotica site Cliterati gave it a wonderful shout-out today.

At her Tumblr, editor Lux Alptraum talks about why she started the imprint.

I’m also going to be doing a sex advice column for Fleshbot that’s debuting this week. Stay tuned!


Speakeasy Poster

It has been really exciting to dust off my ol’ smut-writing shoes and go to town on new projects.

Just last week, I did a reading at Speakeasy Erotica in Iowa City. I shared the stage with a line-up of other wonderful writers who read lascivious prose that ranged from sexily silly to collar-pulling hot. I read an excerpt from my erotic novella, Five Stages of Grief, which is being published by Fleshbot Fiction on March 1st. Details about that will be coming up in the next week or so.

I’m also going to be publishing some very sexy short-shorts next week, in celebration of the upcoming publication. Stay tuned!